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Formal Bidding for GSSA in Australia Time:2024-02-21

Information for GSA Cooperation

DATE: FEB 21, 2024

Dear Sir/ Madam,

HNA Cargo is looking for GSA partner. If you are interested in cooperating with us and would like to be our GSA in Australia region(One country/region is the minimum range, and you can quote one or more countries/regions at the same time), please kindly see the information you may need as below, and also please provide your relevant documents to us.

1. Flight Frequency Information

 Please refer to Attachment 1.

2. Quotation

Please offer Minimum Guarantee Revenue (MGR) per flight on Attachment 1 and stamp on it.


A.  This minimum revenue guarantee is calculated by average revenue per flight based on a whole month, not based on every single running flight.

B.  Whether the flight information, including but not limited to flight frequency, flight schedule, takeoff time, landing time and so on are changed or not, the MGR remains the same as agreed.

C.  The MGR includes both revenue from direct and transit cargo, not include the fee of CCA and transfer.

D.  If there are new routes in the sales territory, the Minimum Guarantee Revenue will be negotiated separately and signed in the form of formal letter.

E.  We had provided you the Suggestion for MGR of each flight. You can refer to our suggested MGR to fill in the final offer, higher than our suggested value will improve your chances of winning the bidding.

F. The successful bidder shall pay a contract deposit of no less than two months' contract settlement amount.

G. One country/region is the minimum range, just selecting partial routes shall be deemed invalid.

3. Advance payment for Bidding

The bidding advance payment should be paid by the bidder within 5 working days after the quotation. It is suggested that the bidding advance payment should be 22000 AUD. If the bidding advance payment is not paid to the designated account of HNA Cargo within 5 working days after the quotation, the quotation will be deemed as invalid.

The bidding advance payment will be returned to you or converted into a cooperation deposit. If the client does not comply with the rules during the bidding process or gives up the contract after winning the bid, the advance payment will not be refunded.

Account of HNA Cargo:


Beneficiary: HNA Cargo Co., Ltd

Account: 8115801012500079537

Swift Code: CIBKCNBJ570


4. Other needed Documents for signing contract

 Copy of the company business license, IATA certificate, other GSA/CSA qualification applicable to the requirements of the country where you are located, DGR certificates of two staffs at least

 Market Study Report, very important to us, refer to Attachment 2, fill with your plan on report and stamp on it.

5. Restrictions

Commercial dangerous goods cannot be transported, including dry ice and lithium batteries. As for temperature control goods, AVI, etc., there are some restrictions. If there are needs to be transported for such goods, GSA must communicate with us and obtain our confirmation in advance. For fruit and sea goods, the requirement of the packaging is strictly. Please pay attention to this.

Other types of goods can be transported if they comply with airline’s Cargo Transportation Manual. The manual will be made available after cooperation.


6.Bidding Deadline and Contact Information

Please kindly provide the information and documents that mentioned above, and send to the email address of HNA Cargo( before Beijing time,18:00 28th,Feb.

You need to submit the proposal within the specified time limit. If it’s overdue, it will be regarded as an invalid proposal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to your reply.




Yours sincerely,