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    HNA Cargo Co.,Ltd. ( , a subsidiary of HNA Group, with the joint venture from HNA group and Velox Express, which is build up in 2011. And before it's independence, is worked as Cargo Department in Hainan Airlines. HNA Cargo is dedicated to provide sophisticated ,multiple air service and standardized airport guarantee support for customers all over the world with HNA Group's strong air network and capacity.

    Company culture:Common ideals, Common beliefs, Common pursuits, Common beliefs

    Service Core:Warm Efficient and Supreme

    Company Goal:Leading Brand of Domestic Industry


    HNA Cargo enjoys a well established global air network:

    We has directly international flight to TXL,ZRH,BRU,PRG,LAX,CPH,SEA,FOC,PUS,LED,SVO,BKK,HKT,SIN,SYD. In the mean while, our network could reach every place in the world by interlining with other airlines.


    HNA Cargo will provide you with safe, efficient and reliable air freight transportation and interline transfer services based on Hainan Airlines Airfreight Transportation Regulation in our passenger flight belly.

    Airfreight Transportation Services:Covers general cargo, fresh and perishable cargo, urgent mail, express, special goods, and etc. Booking process, net rate management, air waybill issuing, air waybill making, stowage manifest,document envelope and ULD management are taken cared by designated personnel.

    Ground Delivery Service:HNA Cargo could provide you with extended delivery service from airport to door by connecting 30 branches throughout the country. Designated personnel and flight will on your side. Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou,Kunming, Chongqin, Tianjin and Urumqi are available for this service now.

    Special Gift Sales:HNA Cargo operates special gift service in 30 branches all over the country, mainly focus at Hainan tropical fruits, Xinjiang local cuisine, and other seasonal products from other places.


    Fleet:HNA Cargo enjoys HNA Group's subsidiary airlines' belly. At this point, there are 500 aircrafts with different types. Such as A330, A320, A319, B767, B738 and B737. HNA Cargo will also introduce freighters with the development of China AirCargo to complement the available resources.

    Personnel Support:Personnel Support HNA Cargo has around 30 branches throughout the country. Designated personnel will take care of your cargo.